Royalty free Vector Illustrations for Commercial Use

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Some questions around our illustrations?

Are these truly free & royalty-free illustrations?

Yes, the illustrations you find on scale are literally "royalty-free vector illustrations for commercial use" - absolutely free and no attribution needed. Academic, personal or commercial use, doesn't matter - feel free to use Scale's illustrations! The only condition is to not use our illustrations to resell, or repackage. Basically don't duplicate Scale or create a competitor product. Otherwise, feel free to download, tweak, share the illustrations!

Do I need to attribute for using these illustrations?

No. These are royalty-free illustrations that can be used without any attribution! Of course, if you are feeling generous we would love an attribution and a shout out on Twitter.

What can I use these illustrations for?

Let your imagination run wild! You are free to use these illustrations for free without any attribution - even for commercial use. Decorate your websites, make infographics, add to your blogs, use in videos, etc. As long as you aren't selling the illustrations itself, you can use these illustrations for anything.

What are the formats that I can download?

We offer free SVG and PNG images. Just choose your brand color in our color-picker and then click the SVG or PNG button on the illustration of your choice - simple!


Put simply, use it in any project. No attribution needed.

Commercial, academic or your pet project, doesn't matter, use Scale's illustrations without attribution. The only conditions are that you don't duplicate Scale, create a competitor product or sell it as illustration packs :). Feel free to download, tweak, share the illustrations!

Still have doubts? Read our FAQs OR reach out to me at [email protected] 😃